Pierre Cardin Centre

Date: 2013
Client: Pierre Cardin Centre
Location: Paris, France.
Building Area:
Program: Interior
Status: Realized
Credits: David Bakhtadze, Revaz Keshelashvili.

Georgian film music and National songs were performed at Pier Cardin Centre in Paris by Evgeni Mikeladze National Orchestra, Nato Metonidze and Ensemble "Lashari". Nick Memanishvili conducted half an hour concert with film-music by Gia Kancheli, songs by Aleksi Machavariani and Sulkhan Tsintsadze. Giorgi Ushikishvili and his band performed unique Georgian National songs. Akaki’s trip to Racha-Lechkhumi, just renewed by the National Film Centre was screened on the background of music by Gia Kancheli. The concert ended up with Gantiadi, by Revaz Lagidze performed by Nato Metonidze, soloist. After video-collage of "Giorgobistve" which tells the story of traditions of Georgian wine, guests were invited to taste Georgian wine and introduce Georgian Theatre Art. Film and Theatre retrospective - exposition of paintings by David Gamrekeli, Petre Otskheli, Soliko Virsaladze, Nick Kazbegi, Ioseb Sharleman, Mirian Shvelidze, Muraz Murvanidze and Gogi-Aleksi Meskhishvili were held at Pier Cardin. 

Except these masterpieces unique exhibits reflecting the history of Georgian scenography were also exposed, among them were costumes, accessories, scale models of stage, etc. The representatives of French cultural elite, artists, curators, even politicians attended the evening. Nikoloz Rurua, the Minister of Culture, Monument Protection and Sports of Georgia was the host of Georgian Culture Days. Most of the guests said, the exposition emotionally reflects European tendencies as well as Eastern culture, which means Georgia has been a cultural crossroad for centuries it is still the same.

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