Guggenheim Museum

Date: 2014
Client: The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation
Location: Helsinki, Finland.
Building Area: 5000 m²
Budget: $120 M.
Program: Museum, Cafe, Exhibition.
Status: Sketch
Credits: Vladimer Abramishvili, Revaz Keshelashvili, Aleksandre Katsitadze, Dimitri Modzmanishvili, David Bakhtadze, David Avalishvili, David Dolidze, Irakli Fetelava, David Bostanashvili.

The eyes of the skin: 

If we take a look at museums for guggenheim, we can clearly see that main character is 'shell', it defines the spirit of the museum. 'Shell' is the shape where galleries, art space and all other auxiliary rooms are located. (shell rooms galleries, art space and all other auxiliary spaces).  The only option to interact (talk) with the city is the poster hanging on the facade of the museum. (close to the main entrance).

The 'shell' itself is distinctive, selfish (form with big EGO). Its like mask, hiding its face.

We clearly dont want this kind of museum. We dont want to design another 'shell', our main goal is to design space for the art.



- 'shell' is removed, let the art speaks for itself. removing it all we have are simple boxes, containers for 'art'.


- lifting up 'art' containers creates more space for creativity and creates platform to connect the public with artists and their practices.


- lifting up landscape makes public landscape, more fun and enjoyable. Open courtyard, amphitheater, ice scating field and sculpture garden. There are technical rooms located under the banded landscape


- 'art space' is dressed with semi transparent skin. to make 'art space' more intimate and attractive.

'Skin' interracts with the city, it becomes??? the face of the Helsinki cultural life. 


- Considering location and integration in urban fabric. Box is moved to the direction of the old market, and form follows laivasillankatu street curve.

- Considering major views. Volume of the skin was pushed to free (open) significant views from Tähtitorninvuori park to the Helsinki and Uspenski cathedrals.

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